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artist statement

"This isn't just about the image: it's about the concept that allows the image to be created"

This current series examines some of the possibilities of fragmentation and re-uniting of sections of 'Landscape', i.e. Landscape of the Mind: - our memory, our vision ....

In an abstract way, the works mirror our world both as we see it and as it is - eternally divided by geography, politics, religion, climate, societal strata, etc.: in unification they become more than paintings, taking on a THIRD DIMENSION. The pictorial image is just one part; because of the shapes, textures and materials used, they also assume sculptural qualities.

Metallic and other vivid pigments are fused in an encaustic process, along with conventional oil-paint; often underlaid with textural media. The use of high-quality steel, plated solid-brass, etc., custom-designed and finished, is pivotal in this series.

Ultimately, the possibilities of this 'MODULAR ART' techniques are virtually endless - bounded only by imagination, and can be adapted to almost any size wall, large or small, tall or wide, formal shapes or 'freeform', including convex surfaces, even around corners.

In addition, the panels can support any style of visual image; not only abstract design, but also photographic, business-logo oriented, or other traditional fine-art

Custom Commissions Undertaken.

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