“The artistic community simply can’t agree whether this is an original painting or a beautifully drawn copy.
This question, too, finally may have an answer. Stanley Feldman, an Irish-born art historian, has extensively studied the two “Mona Lisa” paintings. He is convinced that da Vinci painted the early and later versions — and in both cases, del Giocondo is the sitter.
This art book is, much like its subject matter, worthy of being called a masterpiece. It’s a hefty hardcover volume with gold-leaf binding, huge amounts of color plates, various high-gloss page reproductions and a movable bookmark. Without question, the Mona Lisa Foundation took great time and care in developing this book.”

The Washington Times
Book review by Michael Taube

See the complete review here: www.washingtontimes.com

(November 15, 2012)


“I have been transfixed since then by the sheer artistry of its beautiful presentation and the outstanding production values espoused by your Foundation.
As an exercise in investigative art history, the book represents a benchmark for the genre.
This beautifully produced volume is only surpassed by the scholarship of its contents. As an example of investigative art history, it is without peer.”

Dr. Leo Francis Hoye
Honorary Associate Professor
Faculty of Arts
School of Humanities (Linguistics)
The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam, Hong Kong SAR

(June and July, 2013)


“In my forty years of technical support to the conservation science profession, I have never before encountered such an extensive and compelling document supporting the provenance of an artwork ... At the time of my original investigation of 'Isleworth Mona Lisa' I found a number of issues troubling. Foremost among these were the character of the background scenery and the absence of data on the pigments, the canvas, and the stretcher. The book, 'Mona Lisa - Leonardo's Earlier Version' masterfully addresses these and numerous other questions. I congratulate you on the accomplishment of such a superb research investigation.”

Professor John F. Asmus,
Research Physicist, Department of Physics, Institute for Pure and Applied Physical Sciences
University of California, San Diego.

(September, 2012)


“About the book, yes, I’ve just received it, but wanted notify and thank you just when taking some impressions and considerations about its content – I guess you promptly would like knowing them. Well... being totally sincere, it’s the most beautiful book I’ve ever seen. Look: I use to say my preferred movie, “Amadeus”, would give all pride to Mozart, if he still was among us ... In this way, I really do believe your book would do the same to Da Vinci.”

Professor Átila Soares da Costa Filho
Professor of Art History,
C^andido Mendes University,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

(October, 2012)


The book, 'Mona Lisa - Leonardo's Earlier Version', “will permit an unbiased judgement of the claim of this painting to be the earlier portrait, incomplete, of a young Mona Lisa, much younger than that of the Louvre.”

Professor Alessandro Vezzosi,
Director, Museo Ideale Leonardo da Vinci, Vinci, Italy.

(September, 2012)


“I am very impressed with the thoroughness and detail of your argument in this book. It is wonderfully laid out and persuasively argued, with a wealth of detail--and obviously, the technical tests of the portrait are exceedingly helpful. What's more, the quality of the images is simply stunning.”

Dr. Jean-Pierre Isbouts, Author and Documentary Film Maker,
Graduate Professor, Fielding Graduate University,
Santa Monica, California.

(April, 2013)


“The book makes a strong case for seeing the Isleworth Mona Lisa as Da Vinci’s earlier version of Mona Lisa”

‘The Hindu’ Newspaper

See the complete review here: www.thehindu.com

(March, 2013)