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Born in Dublin, Ireland, Stanley Feldman graduated from Trinity College, University of Dublin, with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Arts and History. He studied painting and drawing at Ireland’s National College of Art, and under noted Irish and Canadian masters. He is an Associate of the Institute of Professional Designers.

He has travelled extensively throughout the world, and this fact is often reflected in the composition, colour, and expression of his highly individualistic paintings. From striking large-scale abstract and semi-abstract canvasses to delicate and evocative watercolours, his refined techniques mirror a highly cerebral approach to his art. [Click ‘portfolio’ above.]

In 2009, he was given a most unusual commission: to research and write the story of a stunning Renaissance painting, now considered to be an earlier version by Leonardo da Vinci of his famous ‘Mona Lisa’. So, taking a hiatus from painting, and bringing together over 50 years of combined experience in art, history and design, Stanley created a lavishly illustrated book, detailing not only all aspects of the portrait, but also many of the pertinent events in Leonardo’s life that influenced it. In the course of the years of research, he initiated and developed some ground-breaking “outside-the-box” experiments, that greatly assisted in authenticating the painting. The publishers issued the book as a ‘limited edition’; one that the Washington Times reviewed as “a masterpiece” in its own right. [Click ‘Mona Lisa book’ above.]

His work is represented in private, corporate and hospital collections in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain and the Middle East. His work has been published in 'International Contemporary Artists' [Vol. VI]; and he has won numerous awards, most recently 1st. Prize at the Commffest International Art Exhibition in Toronto - October 2016.

Stanley Feldman has been a resident of Canada since 1977, and he has recently relocated to the resort town of Cobourg, on the shores of Lake Ontario.

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